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thermoformed faces and pan faces

Molded pan faces are one of the most popular products S & F offers. Terminology may vary, but vacuum formed plastic faces have been around for almost as long as the plastic sheet itself. We offer UV-inhibited polycarbonate due to its superior combination of resistance to breakage and weatherability, at prices to comparable to lower performance products. We can form faces up to 8'x 20' in one piece, or even larger with tight fitting seams. We also manufacture flat faces as a cost effective option for those on a tighter budget. Flat and formed plastic faces can be ordered clear or pigmented white, embossed, undecorated, decorated, with track (rails) for your favorite changeable letters, corrugated for strength, or in a special shape, depth, or configuration to fit your design criteria.

Replacement faces for existing signs of all kinds are also routinely manufactured to fit "the first time". Face decoration can be as simple as your vinyl on a white pan or fully backsprayed with multiple colors. Our painted faces are the best in the industry! Digital printing technology now allows full color images to be applied second-surface (on the back) for superior weatherability. Translucent vinyl, first-surface (on the front), second surface, and formed-on also allows for the tightest specification on color matching and reproduction.

We use only the highest quality paints, and can color match to the Pantone Matching System Solid Color book, as well as the great selection of standard colors. Superior workmanship, quality materials, efficient and systematic manufacturing techniques provide excellent end-customer satisfaction. We are confident you will find value in our products. Please contact us for a quote, or with any questions you may have.