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Track Templates

These template files are designed to provide a dimensionally accurate representation of standard PUDD (Push Up Drop Down) track. The vertical dimension is usually the critical dimension where copy space is in question. A critical height measurement is given with each track layout.


sign face

sign face

When importing file for use in full size or scale drawings, it is important to confirm that the size of the imported file is correct. All of the track templates listed here are 72 inches in length. The height only varies with the size of the panel and the number of rows of track. You should never stretch or change the vertical dimension unless it is to meet your scale requirements. The horizontal (length) dimension is variable (i.e. stretchable) to fit your requirements. The 72 inch standard measurement is arbitrary and only used for consistent reference.

Letter Size
4" on 5" 6" on 7" 8" on 9" 8" on 10" 12" on 14"
  2 Rows   .AI / .CDR / .EPS .AI / .CDR / .EPS .AI / .CDR / .EPS
3 Rows .AI / .CDR / .EPS .AI / .CDR / .EPS .AI / .CDR / .EPS .AI / .CDR / .EPS .AI / .CDR / .EPS
4 Rows .AI / .CDR / .EPS .AI / .CDR / .EPS .AI / .CDR / .EPS
5 Rows .AI / .CDR / .EPS .AI / .CDR / .EPS
6 Rows .AI / .CDR / .EPS .AI / .CDR / .EPS